Here we introduce a very handy android app for this purpose.

You just need to go to PlayStore from your Android Phone.  Search with the keyword Picloaf or just hit this link It is developed by Mania Studios Inc.

Just tap on install button.

Once the application is installed, Open the application.

Select your app on which you want to send photos.

Select any App You can select any Other Messenger App








Then tap next.

Tap Next

Tap on “GOTO GALLERY” button and select photos.

Tap on "GOTO GALLERY" button and select photos.
*** Now the app will do its trick it will divide your selected photos in loaves.

You need to send the photos on Whatsapp or whatever app you choose.

Then you need to hit Back button on your Android Device until you come back  into the Picloaf app.

Now you need to tap on “NEXT LOAF” button.

Now you need to tap on "NEXT LOAF" button.

And repeat the above two steps until you are shown with text “All loaves sent” on your Android device’s screen.
That’s it.